A wise woman trusts

It begins with just an empty lot, overgrown with weeds and surrounded by the other unassuming houses. People look out their windows, wondering at the boundaries being staked off with orange thread. In the weeks that follow, the work begins; digging the footers, pouring the foundation, building the floor system. As the walls go up,Continue reading “A wise woman trusts”

Intro to our summer series!

As we enter the season of the church year called “Kingdomtide,” I have been pondering how to bring value to your lives as we take a brief respite from holiday celebrations for the summer. Through prayer we have planned something exciting for you to hopefully draw encouragement, inspiration, and grace from. This summer we willContinue reading “Intro to our summer series!”

Be Made New: A Discipline for the Forty Days of Lent

We have an exciting free download for you today! As Lent begins next week with Ash Wednesday on February 17, we are pleased to share this 40-day discipline to enrich your walk with Christ. Don’t be scared off by the word discipline — it has garnered negative connotations but it simply means training and focus.Continue reading “Be Made New: A Discipline for the Forty Days of Lent”