The day the world was born

For months I could feel him kicking inside me, ever determined from the womb. His due date, Rosh Hashanah, was drawing closer. The waiting was challenging, marked by periods of false labor that kept me awake, uncomfortable and ever alert for the real thing; rumblings of what was to come. I waited as patiently as… Continue reading The day the world was born

Start now

I add another box of books to the pile in my bedroom and look around at the mess. There’s no where else for these to go, and our bedroom is slowly being buried with things that have to be kept out of the baby’s reach. We recently moved him into his own little bedroom, where… Continue reading Start now

The contented heart

It was a summer day, and we woke up to rain. Nothing to be done about that, we set aside our plans. I brought out my sewing machine, glad to have a chance to tackle a long-awaited project. Baby built block towers, looked at books, and emptied the kitchen cabinets of their contents. Together we… Continue reading The contented heart

Building walls

Like a city breached, without walls,    is a person who lacks self-control. Proverbs 25:28 CJB Another way to think of self control is self direction. As I wrote in my last post, self control isn’t about stopping yourself from doing things, it’s about setting yourself on the path you want to go. Which means saying “no”… Continue reading Building walls

Grace for guilt

There’s something on the inside of each of us that desires holiness. Created in God’s image, we each bear this mark of God on the inside of us, and something within us desires to feel clean and “good.” Different people seek to satisfy this desire in different ways, even if they’ve never heard of God.… Continue reading Grace for guilt

Breaking ground

It’s easier to see the purpose of the pain in retrospect. In the moment, it can be difficult to understand the pain of growth, unless we know there is purpose in the suffering. Just as a child endures a stormy week of tears before reaching a new developmental milestone, so we often struggle when on… Continue reading Breaking ground

Choose today

It’s Monday as I write this, after a long and difficult night with a teething baby. Lately, I find myself at a crossroads. Life is beginning to demand more maturity and strength than I have ever given before. Some days, defeat looms large over me before the day has even begun, and anxious thoughts threaten… Continue reading Choose today

Love of strangers

No series on women and the home would be complete without a section devoted to hospitality. I remember hearing a good deal on the subject when I was growing up; maybe it was a trend at the time. I used to put together elaborate tea parties for my sisters, and pore over beautifully-illustrated books about… Continue reading Love of strangers

Grace for comparison

As we undertake the building of our emotional well-being, there are several issues we may meet along the way. I’ve noticed common themes in my own perpetual struggles as well as in my conversations with others. I’d like to speak to some of these in the coming weeks, not to beat you over the head… Continue reading Grace for comparison

Thoughts on influence

If you have sisters, you’ve likely seen influence in action. I have five sisters and a mom who is like a sister to me, and I cherish each one’s advice and perspective. Last year I visited my mom and two of my sisters for the holidays, a joyful time of making lots of good food… Continue reading Thoughts on influence


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