Intro to our summer series!

As we enter the season of the church year called “Kingdomtide,” I have been pondering how to bring value to your lives as we take a brief respite from holiday celebrations for the summer. Through prayer we have planned something exciting for you to hopefully draw encouragement, inspiration, and grace from. This summer we will be featuring one blog post per week on a topic I’ve named Building Her House, an allusion to Proverbs 14:1.

Throughout the summer we will be sharing what it means for a wise woman to build her house, in both practical and philosophical approaches to the scripture (taking a rather liberal view of its original meaning). I’d like to explore some thoughts about how we as women can build stronger homes for ourselves and for our families and communities, because I believe we hold the key to building healthier societies.

I hope you will join us this Kingdomtide as we explore together ways to bring the kingdom of God to our homes and communities by shaping our own mindsets surrounding the home.